By Talitta Maciel

for all the family!

Delicious and healthy recipes for the whole family,

plus practical ideas for every meal.

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Patrícia managed to organize her life and had creativity in the palm of her hand when cooking.

Simone abandoned bread and butter for bread and butter and started eating real food.

If you're here, it's because you decided to be part of the group of people who decided to change their eating habits and start cooking, using strategies to improve their health and lose weight.

I have selected my best recipes that are suitable for both beginners and those who already have experience in the kitchen. In the case of those who already have experience, the recipes allow the use of creativity in the preparation of meals.

I'm one of those people who learned to cook by force. Neither my mother nor my grandmother would let me cook, and when I finally started, I burned rice daily for three months. I blamed the pans until I understood that after turning off the heat, if the pan remained on the hot stove with the lid on, the cooking was not interrupted!

My desire to eat new, different and healthy things made me develop simple recipes, without giving up the textures and taste of I want more!

And of course, in addition, the recipe had to be practical too, since I studied, worked and even took care of the house!

I made a lot of mistakes until I found a way to make life simpler when it came to cooking, making this moment no longer a nightmare.

Vanessa uses this delicious menu to cook for her family and doesn't waste any more time in the kitchen.

Claudia's life has become more practical and easier with nutri's recipes.

What will you find in the digital book 100 Wonderful Recipes?

21 breakfast recipes to wake you up with a lot of energy!

9 homemade spice recipes that

will help you make your life in the kitchen much more practical.

There are 13 recipes for soups, broths and creams that can help you

to lose weight, in addition to being healthy options for the coldest days.

5 pâté recipes for you to give up once and for all the margarine that is very bad for your health.

There are 16 sweet recipes , reinterpretations of traditional recipes with 

adaptations that I make here at home, and without sweeteners.

US$ 15,00

Ease for you to prepare your family's meals with a lot of creativity

Digital book with 100 recipes I make for my family, and that you can now make for yours. There are several recipes: lunch, dinner, pates and sweets without weight on your conscience or on the scales without nutritional terrorism, with ingredients you have at home. These are healthy recipes for the whole family and I guarantee they are delicious.

Talitta Maciel, is a nutritionist who doesn't complicate anyone's life!

Eating healthy, practical and delicious is possible!

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Ahh, before you get sad because you didn't receive your wonderful e-book, check your spam folder, because it could be that the email ended up there by mistake. It is also important to verify that you have entered the correct email.

Note These recipes are for people looking for a healthier diet. If you have any restriction, illness or cannot eat any ingredient in the recipes, seek medical advice or individual follow-up with a nutritionist.